Cherry seed Baby hot water bottle:

  • Absolutely safe "dry" hot water bottle. 
  • Natural contribution from cherry seeds. 
  • Keeps the temperature great. 
  • Can be used hot and cold. 
  • An effective way for baby colic and many other ailments. 
  • Comfortable round shape. 
  • seed insert weight about 200 g. 

Baby hot water bottle is a simple but fantastic invention. Unfortunately, standard hot water bottles are not always safe and comfortable to use, especially for young children. Fortunately, there was a very pleasant alternative - cherry hot water bottles.

A pleasant and natural source of heat that calms and relaxes the child.
Cherry seed Baby hot water bottle meet the growing demands of young parents. They are a perfect combination of high efficiency and fully ecological product.

They are made of 100% child-friendly materials.
The basis for their production are properly dried and selected cherry stones. The Product is finished by the highest quality cotton cover.
Hot water bottles are Perfect for:

  • Baby colic.
  • Sore throat.
  • Flatulence.
  • Muscle pain.

Perfect as a compress for:

  • Bruising and bumps.
  • Sprains or bruises.
  • Fever or insect bite.

Baby Hot water bottle for children have the shape of a circle weighing about 200 g, thanks to which they fantastically fit into small bellies or other places.


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